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Niyaa People 10th Birthday Ice Cream Roadtrip | Day 1

10.03.2018 marked the day we turned 10 years old and we've done some pretty cool stuff over the years.

Setting up in the height of a recession, we've grown to 28 people. Our target hitters and high achievers have travelled the world and we boast a fantastic training programme which has seen 3 of our own go from trainee level to team leaders. All whilst having fun along the way.

But it's not all about us. We wouldn't have got here if it wasn't for you.

For the month of march we've been out and about, turning up at offices across the East and West Midlands... With an ice cream van.

For one simple reason; to thank the customers we've dealt with over the years. And what better way than with free ice cream? We are so committed to the experience you have with us, we made sure to hand deliver ice creams into meetings so people didn't miss out on the fun!

No catch, no charge. This simply gave us the chance to say thank you whilst celebrating our 10th Birthday. We are sincerely grateful to be able to be donating £297.51 to Birmingham Children's hospital which was raised across the 4 days.

Below are a selection of pictures taken from day 1, please check out our Facebook page (give it a like whilst you're there) for the full album.

Every day this week, we'll be releasing a post with further images from each of the other days, counting down to the announcement of who our IPad winner is. Make sure to stay tuned, this Friday 06.05.18!

Remember, this is a small selection of images from day 1, check out our Facebook for a full list of pictures.

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