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Niyaa People 10th Birthday Ice Cream Roadtrip | Day 2

11am on a week day, what are you doing? In a meeting? Commuting to a visit? Catching up on emails? I bet most of us can't recall.

But for a Housing Association in the Midlands, a day in March wasn't like any other weekday at 11am.

An Ice Cream van pulls up outside and an email is sent around the office saying there's free ice cream for everyone. First the questions start. "What's it for?" "What's the catch?" "Who is it?"

30 people pour outside; the others tentatively peer through the windows for confirmation. They are greeted by the Niyaa People team and free Ice Cream.

The questions quickly turned into smiles and expressions like "what a lovely gesture". "What a nice surprise". This is the reaction we replicated for over 100 companies across the East and West Midlands.

Yes, we are a recruitment company; we are in the business of changing people's lives. But we want to make sure we highlight to our customers the way we want to build relationships. And we simply wanted to say thank you for being a part of us getting to 10 years old.

Don't forget to read yesterday's post for the info on day 1 and check out out Facebook for the full day 2 album to find your picture.

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