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Niyaa People 10th Birthday Ice Cream Roadtrip | Day 3

If you read our first post in the Ice Cream Road Trip series, you may have seen the below phrase:

"No catch, no charge. This simply gave us the chance to say thank you whilst celebrating our 10th Birthday. We are sincerely grateful to be able to be donating £297.51 to Birmingham Children's hospital which was raised across the 4 days."

We are proud to be a regular sponsor of Birmingham Children's Hospital and have been raising money for the charity since our inception in 2008. Every year we've hosted an Annual Charity Christmas Event where we invite customers to join us for a night of fun and networking where we match every penny donated.

In one of our most recent years we created a Youtube dance video to raise money for the chariy... Take a look.

As we've done for our first two posts, below are a selection of pictures taken from day 1, please check out our Facebook page (give it a like whilst you're there) for the full album.

Tomorrow is the 4th and final post before we announce the winner of the IPad at 4pm! So subscribe and stay tuned.

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