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#RecruitmentRowathon Highlights

On Friday 2nd March 2018, Niyaa People took part in the Recruitment Rowathon alongside 5 other recruitment companies and The Atlantic Avengers themselves. As a collective we all rowed 609,892 meters raising £4422 for the charity The OPERA Global Youth Foundation! It was a huge collaboration by everyone involved, lots of sweat, tears and jelly legs, but we all completed the task, a huge thank you to The Recruitment Network for organising the day.

A popular phrase used in the office each day, week and quarter here at Niyaa People is to "Start out of the traps early" and our mindset for this Rowathon was no different. We had a game plan which in the end lead us to first place in the league table for the day rowing a total distance of 110,606 in 8 hours.

There was a lots of noise created on Social Media thanks to the participating members: The Recruitment Network, The Atlantic Avengers, Niyaa People, Calco Services, Freshminds, TXM Recruit and Marton Recruitment.

Video Highlights

Even though the Recruitment Rowathon day is over, the Atlantic Avengers are still yet to commence their 3 month, 3000 mile ocean journey this November, our Just Giving page is still open if you wish to donate on behalf of Niyaa People.

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